“Pam’s talents and attitude helped me to really enjoy lifting weights and doing floor work—two things I never thought I’d do. She pushes to just the right point, and I have the results to prove it. I saw differences in tone immediately and especially now, two years later. I can feel my added strength all day long—during gardening and yard chores, lifting my suitcase on the plane, and playing tennis or swimming. In mid-life, I feel stronger and more in tone than ever.”
- Cyndi Maxey, Chicago, IL

“Pam Peterson is the definition of contagious energy—how else could exercise at 6 in the morning be so much fun?”
- Shari Diamond, Chicago, IL

“I have been working with Pam twice weekly for many years. The regimen includes cardio, weight lifting and stretching, and Pam constantly adjusts these programs according to my health and particular needs. I enthusiastically recommend working with her, particularly if you wish a personalized plan—not a cookie-cutter approach…and she has a wonderful sense of humor.”
- Bill Gofen, Chicago, IL

I started training with Pam about one year ago. Her energy and enthusiasm are very motivating and she constantly challenges me to reach new levels of endurance. I recently worked out with a personal trainer at one of the major hotels in Las Vegas who told me that my upper body strength was well beyond that of most of the women she works with—I owe it all to Pam!
- Mary Norton, Chicago

“Pam really helped jump-start my fitness comeback, after a long lapse in exercising except for golf. For the past year, when in town, I’ve trained with her once a week, and have been motivated to work out on my own. Now I am a hunk. Kidding. But I am much stronger, more muscular, and more flexible. And my golf game has improved.”
- Tom Riekse Sr., Chicago, IL

“Can you put exercise and fun into the same sentence? You bet! Workout sessions with Pam are challenging, invigorating, productive and, yes, they are fun. She encourages you to perform each exercise successfully and then, with a smile, urges you to do just a little bit more. Pam always makes you feel like you are quite the athlete! I wouldn’t give up our weekly workouts for anything!
- Judi Goldman, Northbrook, IL

“Pam and I have been training together for over 20 years. She has seen me through many difficult times. When I had hip replacement and knee surgery, she consulted the physical therapist, and did strengthening exercises with me before and after the operations. She helped me work myself back to feeling like the human being I was before the surgery. I credit Pam for the endurance and strength I have to this day. She knows the body well, and what should be accomplished with parts that need work. I highly recommend her for anyone who wants a good workout and to have fun at the same time.”
- Merle Cohen, Chicago, IL

“Every week, nothing can compare to the sheer delight and exhilaration I feel when I work out with Pam Peterson. Her enthusiasm and ability to make me laugh in the midst of making me do something entirely challenging is invaluable.”
- Julie Walsh, Walsh Gallery, Chicago , IL

“I look forward to weekly training sessions with Pam as an enjoyable stress release. Since we’ve been working together, I see more muscle definition, and I’m trimmer around the middle. I highly recommend her.”
- Jeff Goldman, Northbrook, IL

“I have worked with Pam Peterson for many years. She is a gifted trainer, alert to each individual’s needs. I know because many of my friends have also used Pam, and we are all very different, but we all love working with her. She motivates her clients to make continuing progress in strength and fitness. She insures good posture and proper alignment to get the most out of weight training. We finish a workout with a welcome period of stretching. Pam is very respectful of people’s limitations and was most helpful in supervising rehabilitation exercises after I had knee surgery for a ski injury. My husband also exercises with Pam, and his dancing at weddings has improved 100% as a result of her agility training!”
- Ethel Gofen, Chicago, IL